Ark Invest Liquidates $4.4M Coinbase, $4.3M Robinhood Shares 

Ark Invest, the investment company owned by Cathie Wood, sold $4.4 million worth of shares in Coinbase and nearly $4.3 million worth of shares in Robinhood on Thursday. The decision coincided with both stocks experiencing a decline in value by the end of the trading day.

Ark Invest’s move, as reflected in its latest trade filing, involved the sale of 26,301 shares of Coinbase Global Inc. from its ARK Innovation ETF and 341,592 shares of Robinhood Markets Inc. Additionally, the ARK Next Generation Internet ETF offloaded 4,980 Coinbase shares and 23,838 Robinhood shares on the same day. This strategic shift in the investment portfolio raises questions about Ark Invest’s outlook on these prominent fintech companies and the factors influencing their market performance.

Ark Invest Sells Coinbase and Robinhood Shares Amid Market Shifts

Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest made significant divestments on Thursday, selling approximately $4.4 million worth of Coinbase shares and nearly $4.3 million worth of Robinhood shares. The ARK Innovation ETF shed 26,301 shares of Coinbase and 341,592 shares of Robinhood, while the ARK Next Generation Internet ETF offloaded 4,980 Coinbase shares and 23,838 Robinhood shares on the same day.

Both Coinbase and Robinhood stocks closed lower as investors reacted to the U.S. approval of spot bitcoin ETFs, impacting the crypto-related services these platforms offer. Coinbase shares dropped 6.7% to $141.16, and Robinhood ended down 3.5% at $11.71. The cryptocurrency market experienced volatility, with bitcoin reaching over $48,000 before settling around $45,800.

Ark’s decision to sell around 14% of its Coinbase holdings appears to stem from a strategic move to lock in profits. Ark had aggressively acquired 4.4 million shares during late 2022 and early 2023 when prices were below $60. With Coinbase’s stock surging over 400% in the past year, these shares have nearly tripled in value. Despite a portion of Ark’s position being at a loss due to purchases around $250, the move to secure profits aligns with their strategy. Cathie Wood had previously stated during a summer sale of over 1 million shares that it was about “taking profits” and reallocating capital, expressing continued optimism in Coinbase while adjusting their portfolio.


Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest’s strategic decision to sell substantial holdings in Coinbase and Robinhood aligns with the market’s response to the U.S. approval of spot bitcoin ETFs. The firm’s move reflects a dynamic response to evolving market conditions and potential shifts in the fintech landscape. The decline in both Coinbase and Robinhood stocks also underscores the sensitivity of these platforms to regulatory and market developments. As the cryptocurrency market experiences fluctuations, with bitcoin prices briefly surging and settling, investors will likely closely monitor how these changes impact the broader fintech sector and the future trajectory of digital asset-related services.

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