Sui Blockchain’s Milestone Achievement: Surpassing 6,000 TPS in the Wake of Inscription Surge

As the cryptocurrency space evolves, one project stands out for its impressive technological advancements and robust ecosystem. Sui (SUI), a layer-1 blockchain, has recently reached a significant milestone, approaching 6,000 transactions per second (TPS). This accomplishment comes in the midst of a surge in inscription-related activity, which has tested various blockchain networks.

Sui’s Unique Method for Inscriptions

Once used in Bitcoin, inscriptions have made a home on Sui, demonstrating the platform’s creativity and flexibility. Sui’s framework has smoothly integrated inscriptions, enabling users to store any data on-chain without requiring smart contracts. Using the witness field in Bitcoin transactions, this novel approach permanently associates data with discrete Bitcoin coin units while charging very little in fees.

Based on the popularity of Bitcoin inscriptions, developers modified this idea for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Sui’s implementation offers an economical and effective method of recording and managing arbitrary data on-chain by storing inscription data inside EVM transaction calldata fields. As a result, inscription-related transactions on different smart contract platforms have increased significantly.

Sui’s Inscription Performance

Sui included inscriptions in its object-centric data model, in contrast to other chains. What other chains refer to as an inscription in Sui is simply an object with designated data fields. Because of this flexibility, developers can use inscriptions for purposes other than storing NFT metadata and tokens, as is often the case. Sui inscriptions are an attractive substitute for more conventional data storage systems like IPFS because of their unchangeability.

Sui performed admirably during a recent spike in inscription-driven activity. At its peak of 13.8 million transaction blocks on December 22, 2023, the platform processed more than 10 million transaction blocks every day. Sui notably kept efficiency and stability while achieving a remarkable peak TPS of almost 6,000. This demonstrates Sui’s dedication to offering a high-throughput, scalable blockchain solution.

Sui’s Three Elements

Sui’s three main pillars—

  1. The consensus engine, 
  2. Parallel transaction execution and 
  3. The Move language is responsible for its success.
  • Sui Consensus Engine: Fast finality with leaderless Byzantine Fault Tolerance (LBFT) for effective and decentralized consensus.
  • Parallel Transaction Execution: Transactions are processed concurrently, allowing for lightning-fast throughput and near-instant responses.
  • Move Language: A statically typed, resource-aware language for secure and expressive smart contracts that supports formal verification.

These components work together to create Sui, a high-performance, secure, and developer-friendly platform with the potential to revolutionize blockchain applications. Create custom smart contracts on Sui with the Move language, an updated version of Move used in Facebook’s Diem project. Sui distinguishes itself through parallel transaction execution, which processes transactions concurrently and produces nearly instantaneous finality. With algorithms like Bullshark and Narwhal, the consensus engine makes sure that data is arranged efficiently and reduces latency.

SUI Token and Tokenomics

SUI, the native token of the Sui blockchain, offers a number of advantages and use cases. The Sui Wallet makes it simple to store SUI tokens for simple security. These are now its four primary goals:

  • Staking: SUI tokens may be staked in order to earn SUI tokens as a passive income source.
  • Fee payment: SUI tokens may also be used to cover the gas costs incurred during a transaction.
  • Asset: Throughout the ecosystem, the token is also viewed as an asset. Because it can be used as a store of value, a unit of account, and a medium of exchange, it carries the same functions as money within the system.
  • Governance: SUI can be used to cast a vote in any on-chain governance vote, just like other PoS tokens. It thus grants its holders the ability to influence the project’s future by endorsing or disapproving of various strategic choices.

Approximately 3 billion SUI tokens are currently in circulation out of the predetermined 10 billion total supply of SUI tokens. Following the launch, 50% of the tokens were placed in Community Reserve to support research and development as well as validator subsidies. The remaining 6% went to the Community Access Program (CAP), 20% went to early contributors, 14% went to investors, and 10% went to Mysten Labs’ treasury.


With its recent accomplishments such as hitting 6,000 TPS and experiencing robust inscription-driven activity—Sui has established itself as a major force in the blockchain industry. Sui is making a name for itself with its creative inscriptions, scalability, and a strong network of varied projects. Sui’s project might rise to prominence and become well-known in the cryptocurrency world as long as there is continued optimism surrounding it. As Sui continues to influence the direction that blockchain technology takes, keep an eye out for new developments.

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