Cronos and Collaborate with Matter Labs to Launch Layer-2 Network

In a significant development in the blockchain space, Cronos Labs, in partnership with, has announced the launch of a new Layer-2 network. This initiative is a part of the growing trend of projects launching Layer-2 networks, which are auxiliary networks within the dominant Ethereum ecosystem.


Cronos Labs, the developer behind the Cronos blockchain, has joined the growing ranks of second-tier projects that have opted to build auxiliary networks within the Ethereum ecosystem. This move is a testament to the increasing recognition of the potential and versatility of the Ethereum platform, which has become a fertile ground for innovation and development in the blockchain space.

The new “Cronos zkEVM chain” is launching initially as a test network, based on Matter Labs’ software tools. This initiative is a significant step forward in the exploration of Layer-2 solutions, which are designed to improve scalability and efficiency in blockchain networks. These solutions are particularly relevant in the context of Ethereum, which has been grappling with issues of high gas fees and network congestion.

Partnership with

The crypto exchange is a partner with Cronos Labs, contributing to the source code of the PoS chain. This partnership is a testament to the collaborative spirit in the blockchain industry, driving innovation and growth.’s involvement in the project brings a wealth of experience and resources to the table, enhancing the potential of the Cronos zkEVM chain.

By pooling their resources and expertise, and Cronos Labs can accelerate the development of the Layer-2 network, bringing us one step closer to a more efficient and scalable blockchain ecosystem. This partnership not only benefits the two entities involved but also contributes to the broader blockchain community by driving technological advancement and fostering a culture of collaboration.

The New Layer-2 Network

The new “Cronos zkEVM chain” is launching initially as a test network, based on Matter Labs’ software tools. This test network represents a significant milestone in the development of Layer-2 solutions, which are designed to address the scalability and efficiency issues that have been a persistent challenge in the Ethereum ecosystem.

The software tools developed by Matter Labs can be used to spin up new Layer-2 and Layer-3 “hyperchains” atop Ethereum. These hyperchains are essentially auxiliary networks that operate in parallel to the main Ethereum network, providing a scalable and efficient platform for executing smart contracts and processing transactions.

Features of the New Layer-2 Network:

The testnet, powered by zkSync’s ZK Stack software kit developed primarily by Matter Labs, will add a new chain to Cronos’ existing ecosystem. This new chain, the “Cronos zkEVM”, brings several key features to the table:

  • Scalability: Utilizes zkSync’s ZK Stack to enhance transaction speed and reduce network congestion.
  • Efficiency: Offloads computational work to the Layer-2 network, lightening the load on the main Ethereum network.
  • Interoperability: Seamlessly interacts with the main Ethereum network, facilitating smooth asset and data transfers.
  • Security: Leverages zkSync’s security features to ensure secure and tamper-proof transactions and smart contracts.

Release Schedule

The Cronos zkEVM mainnet, set to launch in the second quarter of 2024, represents a significant milestone for Cronos Labs and its partners. This launch is not just about bringing a new product to market, but also about exploring the potential of ZK Layer-2 technology. The mainnet will serve as a platform for experimentation and innovation, paving the way for the next phase of growth in the blockchain industry. With a focus on scalability, efficiency, interoperability, and security, Cronos Labs aims to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the Ethereum ecosystem and contribute to the evolution of the blockchain space. 


The collaboration between Cronos Labs,, and Matter Labs marks a significant stride in blockchain technology. With the launch of the Cronos zkEVM chain, they are not only enhancing the Ethereum ecosystem but also setting the stage for future innovations. As we look forward to the mainnet launch in 2024, it’s clear that this venture is poised to drive growth and shape the future of the blockchain industry. This is indeed an exciting time for all stakeholders in the blockchain space.

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