Crypto betting firm Stake secures naming rights to Sauber’s F1 Team

In the world of Formula 1, cryptocurrency betting and casino platform Stake has positioned itself at the forefront of the racing spectacle by securing naming rights to Sauber’s F1 car. Taking the reins from Alfa Romeo, which concluded its sponsorship of Sauber’s C44 in 2023, Stake is set to leave an indelible mark on the iconic racing series.

With Sauber poised for a rebranding as Audi’s factory team in 2026, Stake’s influence is slated to play a pivotal role over the next two years, filling the sponsorship vacuum and ushering in a new era of collaboration between cryptocurrency ventures and elite motorsports.

Stake’s Previous Involvement and Rebranding 

Stake and its live-streaming platform were initially featured on Sauber’s vehicle in 2023 through sponsorship deals. The team is now officially known as Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber and will unveil its 2024 season at a London event in February 2024.

Canadian rapper Drake participated in a New Year’s Day unveiling of the rebranding and is expected to make appearances at select F1 races throughout the 2024 season. will have naming rights to the chassis of Sauber’s car, known as the Kick Sauber C44. Interestingly, F1 teams are responsible for building and maintaining their vehicles, indicating that Stake has taken on the role of an F1 vehicle manufacturer.

Crypto’s Presence in F1

Formula 1 has witnessed a growing interest from cryptocurrency exchanges and businesses. OKX and are notable examples, with OKX partnering with McLaren in 2022, while has been a prominent sponsor of Formula 1 since 2021. These partnerships highlight a trend of cryptocurrency companies leveraging F1’s global fan base through advertising and sponsorship deals.


Stake’s foray into Formula 1 marks a significant milestone, with the cryptocurrency betting and casino platform stepping into the spotlight by securing naming rights to Sauber’s F1 car. This strategic move not only fills the sponsorship gap left by Alfa Romeo but also positions Stake as a key player in the realm of elite motorsports. As the cryptocurrency industry continues to intertwine with Formula 1, Stake’s venture into F1 sponsorship represents a dynamic intersection of cutting-edge technology, entertainment, and sports marketing, promising an exciting and mutually beneficial partnership for the years ahead.

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