Unveiling the Life of Strike’s Founder Jack Mallers

Jack Mallers, at a tender age, has become one of the prominent figures in the world of cryptocurrency. His net worth has piqued the curiosity of many, as they wonder just how much this young Bitcoin legend from Chicago is worth and how deeply he is entrenched in the cryptocurrency market.

Key Takeaways

  • Jack Mallers’ groundbreaking enterprise, Strike, now carries an estimated valuation of $300 million.
  • Unlike many crypto enthusiasts, Mallers focuses solely on Bitcoin, avoiding investments in alternative cryptocurrencies.
  • A recent funding round pumped a staggering $80 million into the Strike app, further solidifying its position in the market.

Meet Jack Mallers: A Brief Biography

Jack Mallers is a renowned software developer, serving as the CEO and founder of Zap, the driving force behind the Strike Wallet. Born on April 9, 1994, in the bustling city of Chicago, Mallers’ fascination with technology was kindled in his formative years, partly inspired by his father, a seasoned software developer.

In 2018, Mallers embarked on his journey as a crypto entrepreneur, unveiling a payment application named Zap. It had a specific mission: to provide a secure and reliable platform for cannabis sellers to conduct transactions, particularly where traditional banking services were hard to come by due to the legal complexities surrounding marijuana sales. However, Zap’s initial model proved unviable.

Realizing the need for adaptation, Mallers swiftly transitioned Zap into a cryptocurrency exchange, envisioning it as an alternative to established platforms like Binance, FTX, and Bitstamp. Unfortunately, this pivot did not yield the expected results. In 2019, Mallers gave the app yet another purpose, rebranding it as a global financial application that streamlined Bitcoin transfers, and this time, it succeeded.

The Ascent of Strike

Originally named Olympus, Strike is an app designed to facilitate quick, secure, and cost-effective Bitcoin trading for crypto investors. It sets itself apart by incorporating Lightning Network software into its framework, enabling rapid and economical transactions.

Over time, the Strike app has garnered a substantial user base across approximately 65 countries. It recently secured a substantial $80 million in a series B funding round to further enhance the quality and reach of its services.

Jack Mallers’ Net Worth

Mallers keeps a low profile, and as a result, the exact extent of his financial holdings remains shrouded in mystery. However, as the primary shareholder of Strike, a company valued at no less than $300 million, Mallers’ net worth is conservatively estimated to exceed $50 million.

The Genesis of Jack Mallers’ Wealth

Jack Mallers’ wealth stems from his early investment in Bitcoin when its value was a mere $200 per token. As the value of Bitcoin surged, it significantly contributed to Mallers’ burgeoning fortune. Furthermore, Mallers’ groundbreaking decentralized finance app, Strike, further bolsters his financial standing. Strike has played a pivotal role in popularizing Bitcoin, even playing a key role in the government of El Salvador’s decision to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender. Jack Mallers was a driving force behind this historic shift. Mallers even made an audacious proposal to the government of El Salvador, suggesting that Strike be appointed as the country’s official Bitcoin contractor. While this proposal did not come to fruition, Strike continued to thrive, becoming one of the leading platforms for Bitcoin transfers in the country.


Jack Mallers stands out as one of the youngest and most affluent figures in the realm of cryptocurrency entrepreneurship. His brainchild, Strike, harnesses the Lightning Network’s power to facilitate swift and secure Bitcoin transactions. The app boasts widespread success, serving users across more than 65 countries and accumulating an impressive valuation of $300 million. This valuation is a significant contributor to Jack Mallers’ net worth, which is conservatively estimated at around $50 million.

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