Worldcoin is expanding to Singapore, But India pause raises concerns

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, Worldcoin, a project co-created by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, has made significant strides in its global expansion, recently announcing its launch in Singapore. Despite facing regulatory challenges and temporary service pauses in certain countries, Worldcoin’s push into new territories reflects the growing interest in its innovative approach to identity verification and digital currency. Let’s delve into the key developments and challenges faced by Worldcoin.

Worldcoin’s Singapore Launch

Worldcoin has extended its identity verification services to Singapore, allowing residents to verify their unique identity using the project’s custom hardware device, the Orb. The Orb, equipped with iris-scanning technology, is available at five locations across the city-state for World ID verifications. This expansion aligns with the broader global interest in proof of personhood, where individuals can use biometric data to participate in the digital economy.

The Working Process 

The initiative employs an “Orb” device to collect biometric (iris) data and assist participants in obtaining a World ID via the World app.

  • Participants in the app can accumulate Worldcoin [WLD], a cryptocurrency.
  • To make the Worldcoin network possible, users must be willing to scan irises and have their irises scanned.
  • To obtain the WLD cryptocurrency, one must have their iris scanned and obtain a World ID. With this, one can use the cryptocurrency for transactions (if permitted by law) or retain it in the hopes that its value will increase.
  • Worldcoin maintains that integrating biometric data to prevent duplication is a legitimate way to incorporate all users into its network.

This procedure, known as “proof of personhood,” ensures that users are not creating multiple accounts in order to obtain cryptocurrency.

Global Expansion and Partnerships

Beyond Singapore, World ID verifications have expanded to cities in Spain, including Sevilla and Bilbao. The project has witnessed remarkable success in South America, with Chile expanding its access to World ID verifications in Concepcion, Curico, and Viña del Mar, joining Santiago. Argentina set a new national record with over 10,000 verifications in a single day. The initiative has also made strides in Germany, with cities like Cologne and Leipzig joining Berlin and Nuremberg as Orb locations.

Acknowledging the importance of engaging with local communities, Worldcoin has partnered with esteemed startup and tech associations in Singapore, including ACCESS and the Singapore Fintech Association (SFA). These collaborations strengthen Worldcoin’s presence in the tech and startup communities and underscore its commitment to navigating local dynamics.

Temporary Service Pauses and Regulatory Scrutiny

While expanding its global footprint, Worldcoin temporarily paused its services in India, France, and Brazil. To handle the increasing demand for World ID in India, the Worldcoin Foundation stated that a customized, secure, and well-organized procedure needed to be created. Despite facing criticism and regulatory scrutiny, the project aims to relaunch in India in 2024.

With the Aadhaar system, the company asserted that India had “proven the effectiveness of biometrics.” 18 locations in India are listed by Worldcoin where Orb operators are scanning people’s eyes, primarily in Delhi, Noida, and Bangalore.

World ID 2.0 Upgrade

In December, A major improvement to its proof of personhood protocol, World ID 2.0 was introduced by Worldcoin. By introducing “Apps, Levels, and a series of core improvements,” the update expands on the capabilities of the World ID ecosystem. World ID can be easily integrated into regular applications with apps that are integrated with services like Reddit, Discord, and Shopify.


Since its inception, Worldcoin has faced criticisms, particularly regarding privacy, data security, and the validity of biometric scans. Regulatory scrutiny in Germany and questions about the legality of collecting biometric data in France indicate the complexities the project faces in different jurisdictions.

Worldcoin’s global expansion, with its recent launch in Singapore, highlights the project’s determination to redefine identity verification and digital currency. As it navigates regulatory challenges and addresses concerns, Worldcoin remains a project to watch in the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency. The coming months will reveal whether it can overcome hurdles, regain momentum, and fulfill its vision of creating a widespread, inclusive digital network for participants around the world.

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