How an Ethereum Developer Used ChatGPT to Generate $12 Million in One Day

The inception of AstroPepeX (APX), a newly minted cryptocurrency, was not a product of human imagination but rather the brainchild of artificial intelligence. An Ethereum developer who prefers to remain anonymous recently shared code that empowers AI tools to deploy novel ERC-20 tokens.

AstroPepeX: AI-Born Memecoin Storms Uniswap

This innovative approach, outlined by Twitter user @CroissantEth, merges OpenAI’s ChatGPT API with custom scripts, enabling the chatbot to create digital coins autonomously. The process involves instructing ChatGPT to formulate an ERC20 token following Open Zeppelin standards. Open Zeppelin, an open-source framework, is renowned for constructing secure smart contracts, housing libraries of contracts coded in Solidity, Ethereum’s programming language.

GPT dynamically determines the parameters, including the token’s name, in the code’s constructor. CroissantEth used this new methodology to create AstroPepeX, the first publicly launched token using this AI-driven method, and you can now find APX listed on Uniswap.

The Story of AstroPepeX and the Ethereum Developer Behind It

AstroPepeX’s name isn’t arbitrary; it’s rooted in data. ChatGPT generates names based on the top ten thousand tokens traded on Uniswap, cross-referenced with market-cap information from CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. As a result, the bot has crafted coins like “Inuverse” and “QuantumPepe,” playful nods to popular meme coins and concepts such as Dogecoin, Pepe, and the metaverse.

ChatGPT’s creative prowess has not gone unnoticed. CroissantEth commented, “The number of Pepe generations were quite funny, and it was super cool to see where GPT actually input real creativity in the data. It started to feel like it was growing a mind of its own.”
How ChatGPT and OpenAI are Revolutionizing Token Creation
Regarding token specifics such as supply, they can be directly configured or left to ChatGPT’s creative discretion. CroissantEth believes more complex parameters are certainly feasible.
While the initial version involves standard ERC20 contracts for simplicity and safety, there’s potential for customization. One could introduce unique configurations with their Solidity code to enable minting, implement tax rates, or establish governance parameters.

Upon generating a name and description for the coin, ChatGPT utilized DALL-E, another OpenAI tool specializing in image generation, to create an appropriate icon for AstroPepeX.
CroissantEth’s tool automatically revokes ownership of any contract created by ChatGPT. It adds the entire token supply to Uniswap liquidity upon creation.

This pioneering project draws inspiration from the earlier success of Turbo, a meme coin generated with ChatGPT’s assistance by digital artist Rhett Mankind, which achieved a market cap exceeding $50 million. However, Turbo’s creation involved more manual steps, including naming and ownership rights.
The Future of AI-Driven Cryptocurrency Creation
CroissantEth aims to simplify the process even further. He plans to release a user-friendly interface for his code, enabling non-technical individuals to launch tokens on the Ethereum network using ChatGPT. Several tokens have been generated with assistance from CroissantEth’s tech-savvy followers.

“I’ve seen at least 20 derivative projects from scanning local blockchain contract deployments, and had several people reach out telling me they used the script successfully,” he shared. “Once a UI is built, I expect this number to grow massively.”


AstroPepeX, the AI-born meme coin, stormed into existence, having $1.6 million in Uniswap trading volume in the past 24 hours. With ChatGPT’s data-driven creativity, complex aspects like token supply become accessible to non-technical users. The future promises a revolution in AI-driven cryptocurrency generation, where innovation knows no bounds. Watch closely as this fusion of AI and crypto unveils new opportunities, shaping the future of digital finance.

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