Top 5 NFT Collectors to Follow in 2023

The NFT market in 2023 was off to a positive start, resembling the trends of 2022 and reached new highs in the first half, but declined in the later half. While optimism prevails, the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency space is a constant reminder that fortunes can change rapidly. The industry is witnessing an influx of new NFT projects, including innovative ones like Bitcoin Ordinals. The market saturation has led NFT enthusiasts to look to influential collectors for guidance, be it anonymous whales or public figures.

These collectors, whether celebrities or Twitter influencers, wield significant influence, attracting a following eager for insights on promising NFT projects. The overarching goal for many in the NFT space is to navigate the market successfully by leveraging the experiences and choices of these influential collectors.

List of the top 5 NFT collectors in 2023

Cozomo de’ Medici

Cozomo de’ Medici, a prominent figure in the NFT space, is a pseudonymous art collector known for an active presence on social media, particularly Twitter. Despite persistent rumors linking them to the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg, Cozomo’s true identity remains a mystery. The collector engages with the community by featuring posts with various celebrities, fueling speculation about their connections.

 Cozomo is recognized for promoting crypto-artists and shedding light on lesser-known talents. Notably, the collector recently made a significant contribution to the art world by donating 22 digital artworks, including a CryptoPunk NFT, to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. This gesture further solidifies Cozomo de’ Medici’s impact on the NFT space and the broader art community..


Lex Marcano, recognized as NFTGirl, is a notable figure in the NFT ecosystem. Renowned for her active support of emerging digital artists, NFTGirl is a popular NFT enthusiast with a substantial online presence, boasting over 90,000 followers on Twitter.

NFTGirl engages with the community through interactive sessions, podcasts, and Twitter spaces, offering valuable insights into the latest trends in Web3. For NFT enthusiasts seeking to stay informed about the dynamic NFT market, NFTGirl serves as a reliable source and a go-to figure in the space.


OSF is a former Wall Street trader turned NFT collector and creator.Initially known as a whale, OSF has expanded into building and creating various NFT-related projects. He commands a substantial Twitter following of over 170k, where he shares insights into NFTs that catch his attention, provides market analysis, and guides his followers. He also manages another Twitter account, DeGenzNFT, focused on analyzing upcoming NFT drops and collections from lesser-known artists.


YeahYeah is an avid NFT connoisseur and curator known for his eclectic taste and preference for “historically significant” old NFTs. He specializes in crypto art and tech artists and is a leading collector on SuperRare. He gained a following through insightful guides on social media and has been featured on Forbes for his unique style. He has also received a complimentary piece from renowned digital artist Beeple.

DC Investor

DC Investor is an NFT investor and project advisor who entered the market early, holding a portfolio of valuable early NFT projects like CryptoPunks. He commands a robust online presence with over 227k followers on Twitter. He regularly shares insights on trendy developments in the web3 space, covering topics such as crypto, NFTs, DeFi, and the Metaverse. He is known for his interactive engagement and discussions on various aspects of the evolving digital landscape.


In 2023, the NFT space is thriving with notable collectors shaping the landscape. OSF, a former Wall Street trader turned creator, brings a unique perspective by not only collecting but also building NFT projects. YeahYeah, renowned for his eclectic taste and emphasis on “historically significant” NFTs, is a leading figure on SuperRare. DC Investor, with an early entry into the market, holds a valuable portfolio and provides insightful commentary on web3 trends. NFTGirl, an advocate for emerging digital artists, offers valuable insights through interactive sessions and podcasts. Together, these collectors, alongside the mysterious Cozomo de’ Medici, represent a dynamic force guiding and influencing the NFT community in 2023.

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