Unprecedented Surge of AEUR on Binance

In the world of digital money, something extraordinary happened, catching the interest of the entire crypto community. The focal point of this narrative is the Euro-pegged stablecoin, AEUR, which embarked on an unprecedented journey, experiencing an astronomical surge of 200% on the illustrious Binance exchange. However, this surge, akin to a meteoric rise, was not without consequences, as Binance swiftly intervened, halting all trading activities associated with the AEUR token due to what the exchange deemed as “abnormal volatility”.

The stage for this financial drama was set on a seemingly ordinary Tuesday, where the AEUR-USDT trading pair, intricately connected to the fate of the Euro-pegged stablecoin, witnessed a surge that defied conventional expectations. As the sun traversed the sky, the trading pair exhibited a façade of stability, with the value oscillating around $1.08 for a substantial duration—a value harmoniously echoing the prevailing EUR-USD exchange rate.

Nevertheless, the tranquility of the market was shattered around 17:45 UTC, as the AEUR token embarked on an unforeseen ascent, scaling heights previously deemed implausible in the realm of stablecoins. The pinnacle of this surge manifested as a remarkable $3.25, a milestone that momentarily placed AEUR in the spotlight of the cryptocurrency stage.

Binance’s action

Faced with the extraordinary surge in volatility, Binance, widely acknowledged as a colossal player in the cryptocurrency exchange domain, responded with prompt and resolute action. Making a clear and unequivocal statement on X (Twitter), the exchange officially declared the suspension of all trading activities associated with the AEUR stablecoin. The choice of terminology by Binance, specifically the phrase “abnormal volatility,” provided a subtle glimpse into the enigmatic nature of the price fluctuations that prompted the implementation of this decisive and substantial measure. This strategic move by Binance underscores its commitment to maintaining a stable and secure trading environment for its users, navigating the intricate landscape of digital assets with diligence and prudence.

Notably, the last recorded trade before the suspension occurred at 18:31 UTC, revealed an AEUR token with a valuation of approximately $2.89. Astonishingly, this value remained 167% higher than the stablecoin’s intended pegged value, underscoring the magnitude of the price upheaval that transpired within a relatively brief timeframe.

To comprehend the origins of AEUR and its entanglement in this tumultuous affair, one must delve into its genesis. Anchored Coins, a Switzerland-based entity, stands as the progenitor of AEUR. This entity, under the ownership of Calvin Cheng, a luminary Singaporean investor and former parliament member, birthed the stablecoin with the ambitious goal of pegging it to the Euro. The official narrative, as per a press release from earlier this year, outlines AEUR’s supposed anchoring to euro fiat assets, substantiated by a reported market capitalization of $5 million.

As the crypto community collectively grapples with the aftermath of this unforeseen surge and subsequent suspension, questions linger in the air like an unresolved chord in a symphony. The absence of a discernible trigger for this surge adds an element of mystique to the narrative. The unique confluence of AEUR’s relatively low market capitalization and limited liquidity becomes a focal point of speculation, as theorists postulate the potential vulnerability of such a token to de-pegging through the machinations of price manipulation.


The AEUR saga on Binance serves as a captivating chapter in the intricate tapestry of cryptocurrency dynamics. Beyond the numerical fluctuations lie broader implications, urging market participants to reflect on the delicate equilibrium between stability and volatility in the realm of digital currencies. As the narrative unfolds, it beckons the curious minds of the crypto aficionados to explore the nuances of this episode and decipher the cryptic language written in the price charts of the AEUR stablecoin.

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